The Natural Jewel & The Jewelry Factory

St. Croix, USVI


Specialty Items

Often times, a piece of jewelry sits for years, waiting to be purchased and loved. That sort of jewelry is in a kind of stasis, waiting for its story to begin, waiting for someone to make it sentimental. In opposition to the jewelry that waits for it's story, there exist pieces of jewelry that already have a story. This page is for those special items that have a story, a history with our shops. 


The Laura Wave Ring

After hurricanes Irma and Maria hit St. Croix, the island was in need of help. One of the people who came to help was a lineman named Stephen. While he was here, bringing power and stability back to people in need, he decided to keep racking up good deeds and get something nice for his lady. The lady's name is Laura, and she suggested that he get her a "wave" ring. He searched the island's jewelry stores for a "wave" ring and couldn't find any. Finally, he came to us and we decided to try to make it for him. The ring was a success. While we waited for him to come pick it up, other customers noticed it. Our other customers decided they wanted wave rings too, and the popularity of the wave ring quickly sky-rocketed. Before Stephen even left the island, close to 15 custom-made wave rings were sold (as of right now, he is still on the island). Thanks to Laura's suggestion, and Stephens devotion, our business continues to thrive through difficult times. We're very thankful and we plan to increase our production of these rings tenfold to share this awesome story.

Each Laura Wave Ring is hand-crafted on St. Croix. Because of their hand-made nature, none of them are perfectly alike.   

Future Specialty Items will be made when their stories are set in stone.